Gregory Sherrow is a VP at a successful virtual company with a 100% internationally distributed workforce, former technology manager at the outdoor clothing brand and company culture leader Patagonia, entrepreneurial founder and co-founder of positive practice businesses such as Safety+Success, LLC and its sister 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, Safety+Success Communities, avid long distance runner and, most importantly, an advisor to work from home individuals, remote managers, executives and entrepreneurs. 

Gregory helps companies and individuals avoid the pitfalls of remote employment and distributed workforce management. He is experienced in establishing successful virtual company policies and creating a team culture that leads to long-term employee retention and increased productivity. 

As the YouTube presenter of the Virtual Company Success video series and host of the podcast of the same name, advisor on, “most read” author of work from home and remote workforce channels on Quora, webinar creator, author of an upcoming book on managing distributed workforces and creator of the Virtual Company Success Management Training Webinars (pre-registration coming soon), Gregory spreads his knowledge and enthusiasm for creating successful virtual companies.

If you are struggling with working remotely, considering converting your office-based company into a virtual success story or would like to get the most from your distributed team, contact Gregory Sherrow at