how to get a work from home job

3 Critical Steps for Landing the Best Work From Home Job

The best way to land a work from home job involves three critical factors:

  1. Skills Qualification
  2. Getting past the application slush pile
  3. Showing you can work from home

Skills Qualification
Showing that you have the skills required to do the job is fundamental to landing any job regardless if it’s in an office or remote. Managers searching for the best candidates to work from home tend to look a lot closer at past experience, education and skills than office-based managers since they can’t actually watch you doing the job when hired. Gut feeling and trust plays more of a role in the hiring process which means that along with being very clear about your qualifications you should do everything you can in your written and verbal communication to project confidence in yourself and skills. When I interview candidates I can hear a clear difference between “I think I can” versus “I know I can.” Be the candidate who “knows.”

Getting past the application slush pile
You know you are the best candidate for the job but what if I told you that there was a 98% chance that your application, cover letter and resume will never be seen by a human and you will be rejected because a computer program’s matching algorithm was only configured to match on a very specific pattern in every resume and yours was 1% off. Would you even bother applying?

Don’t trust the first layer of bureaucracy, human or machine, to recognize the perfect candidate (which is you, of course). Instead, use your Google search skills to track down the email address and phone number of the person at the company who is most likely to be responsible for the position you applying for.

It’s not as difficult as it sounds and you can probably find them in fewer than 5 minutes. Email them an introductory email and include your resume. Explain that you have questions that you would like to discuss before applying. If it’s not the right person, they will usually send you to the person who is. Don’t underestimate how helpful people will be for someone who is politely and professionally reaching out. If your email doesn’t receive a response, call them. Be polite, respectful and persistent.

Showing you can work from home

Before you get deep into a discussion with a potential employer and long before you get that first interview, learn how you can show that you are more than capable of working remotely without constant supervision. If you have never worked from home before, learn about the ups and downs and successful tactics of people who work at home full time. Quora is an amazing resource and packed with helpful threads on this subject. This step is often overlooked and is responsible for many people losing out to another candidate who may not have better job qualifications but could convincingly demonstrate that they could manage themselves from home.

This process works. Period. You will get a great work from home job if you can address these three points. If you’d like more help with landing the perfect work from home position, I offer webinars on how to get the best work from home jobs from anywhere without previous experience. Add your email below to receive an alert message before the next webinar fills up.

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